Community WISP Model Infrastructure Estimated Price
96' Tower or Monopole $50,000
Land Purchase or Lease TBD
Internet Estimated Monthly Price
Telco Fibre 100 $1,500
VCFN / Open Fibre 100 TBD
Wireless Transmitters Estimated Price
360 degree sector 5GHz $5,000
360 degree sector 900MHz $25,000
360 degree sector TVWS $20,000
Upfront Cost per site $100,000
Wireless Receivers Estimated Price
Building receiver 5GHz $200
Building receiver 900MHz $600
  Building receiver TVWS $900

: This configuration would give you line of sight with 5GHz up to 30+ km coverage, near line of sight (NLoS) with 900MHz and non-line of sight (NLoS) with TVWS up to 10+ km coverage.


Note 2: If fibre is not available at your desired tower location it will cost $15,000-$20,000 per km to reach your destination.


Note3: We can setup point to point (PtP) backhaul links instead of running fibre to the tower, and we will work with you to find a suitable sending site.  These backhaul units cost up to $10,000 and can beam up to 100 km away with line of sight (LoS).